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Municipal services, residents and tourists are now beginning to notice sofas, mattresses, bathtubs and old electrical appliances accumulating in some of the streets of La Oliva in Fuerteventura.

The City Council of La Oliva reports that there are clean points where rubbish can be legally deposited by residents, as well as collection services from people’s homes, but too many people are throwing rubbish items in local streets when they no longer want them. The City Council also fears a collapse of the municipal cleaning service, and now appeal for better collaboration from local residents to stop this illegal dumping of rubbish in public spaces.

Policia Local are currently carrying out periodic surveillance of the streets of La Oliva to help control and stop this type of illegal dumping or ‘fly-tipping’ when residents just throw away garbage, and residents are now asked to collaborate with the local cleaning services by keeping the municipality clean.


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