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This news is translated from the Spanish Press unless otherwise indicated.

Uniqueness of local goats recognised

The Agriculture Council is attempting to get recognition for the goats on the coast of Ajuy, in the municipality of Pájara, as their own breed. A group of investigators from the Independent University of Barcelona, in collaboration with the ICIA, has demonstrated that all the goats have a common link in spite of the evolutional differences. These investigations, done by DNA samples suggest all the present goats descend from the same flock. The goats of Ajuy have remarkable differences compared with the goats of other canarian breeds. In view of these results, the Government of the Canary Islands has decided to complete the studies that will allow the registration of the breed.

Biography of Local doctor released

Ariarides Hernandez Moran arrived at the pier of Puerto Cabras in 1953 to serve his military service in the Infantry Battalion of Fuerteventura. 56 years later he continues to live here. Aristides, when finishing his national service became a doctor for the poor.
Now a book has been written about his many experiences as a doctor. He travelled around the island on a small motorcycle visiting the sick in the most remote parts of the island. He was one of the initiators of the creation of Red Cross here. Aristides Hernandez has become a real hero for his selfless work and his commitment to the needy. This work has been widely recognized with awards and prizes, and calling streets after him in Corralejo and Puerto del Rosario. 

Weird News

Americas reality show Someone's Gotta Go, about employees of a real small company decide which one of them actually gets laid off.
For a $9 an hour entertainment charge at one of 39 Tokyo "cat cafes", trendy and lonely people get to pet kitties while they sip tea.
Marckenly Estima, an enterprising rapper, wanted police cars in the background of his new video, so he and his cameraman were chatting up officers in the parking lot of the police station when the cops ran his name through the computer and found a warrant for skipping out on a trial.
A slightly intoxicated motorcyclist crashed into wild pigs and messed himself up badly, but a jury decided that it was California's fault for not putinng up Wild Pigs signs on the highway.
A 19 year old student required emergency assistance after spending all evening badgering fellow partygoers to hit him in the face. At 2am someone complied, resulting in a broken nose and massive bleeding.
A motorist survived a crash though his car fell down a 200 ft cliff. After he climbed back to the highway and sought help, he was accidently hit and killed by another driver.
A 60 year old, celebrating his retirement, was killed when 3 co-workers tossed him playfully into the air and then apparently miscommunicated as to who would catch him.

Steve Griffiths Flies Home

A SOUTH YORKSHIRE granddad left paralysed after a freak accident in the Canary Islands is finally back home in the UK.
Steve Griffiths arrived at Doncaster Airport on Saturday night and was taken to the intensive care unit Doncaster Royal Infirmary – four months after he broke his neck when he slipped on an olive.
The 63-year-old Blades fan, from Wath, fell as he helped a wheelchair user down some steps last November in Fuerteventura. He had been in hospital in Gran Canaria ever since, unable to move or feel anything from the neck down.
Steve was stranded on the holiday island because he didn't have sufficient medical insurance to be flown back to Britain.
But on Saturday, thanks to the generosity of donors including Sheffield United FC, he was repatriated with the help of York-based Medi Aviation.
His daughter Cheryl Bramall said: "It's a massive relief to us all and the only way is up now. We would just like to thank everyone again for all their help and support. All of the hard work was worth it to see the look on Steve's face when he got back."
His family say Steve will be transferred to the Royal Hallamshire Hospital in Sheffield as soon as a bed becomes available.
The family needed to raise £22,000 to bring Steve home.
Half the proceeds from an auction at a Blades Class of 1990 dinner were donated to the campaign. []
Over £4,000 was donated anonymously by Fuerteventura residents and a number of fund raising events were held on the island, including one in Rogue's gallery, Corralejo.

Storm replenishes water stores

In Puerto del Rosario this week hail of dyed parts of the area white. Also a lot of rain fell in a short while, with thunder and lightning, from the northwest to the south of the island, although most of it in Puerto del Rosario and La Oliva. The force of the water, especially in the neighbourhoods of Los Estancos, La Matilla, the urban center of the capital and areas near La Oliva, flooded basements, shops, houses and made some walls collapse. A good thing about it is that the man made natural water gathering tanks, Gavia, were filled in Guisguey and in the North. Although some of them could not withstand the pressure of the water and broke their banks.

Fuerteventura hit by hailstorm

A hailstorm hit the island of Fuerteventura Friday afternoon, much to the suprise of residents and holidaymakers. Earlier in the day an amber weather warning had been issued for heavy rain, but the hailstones were unexpected! The storm was heavy enough that children could throw snowballs at each other (well ice balls!). The Corralejo Blues Festival had to be moved inside to the sports centre as the storm continued into the evening. In some places waterfalls and rivers formed. Other traditionally warm places are also experiencing storms and flooding including a lot of the Middle East.
Here is a picture of the hail on my hot tub! For more incredible photos go to La Provincia. This will take you to one of my favourites, but scroll though the others as well.

Unfair bus policies condemned

The President of the Cabildo, Mario Cabrera, has asked for equal treatment with respect to the public bus services that exist on the different islands in the Canaries. Cabrera said: "Over the last few weeks we have heard that the Government was considering writting off the accumulated debts of the public bus companies on the capital islands i.e. Gran Canaria and Tenerife. Here in Fuerteventura bus and city officials have been trying to minimize costs by offering the best services possible, although there is a need to expand, but we could not because it would involve going into debt. Therefore the Government should offer the same concessions to all the islands."

Immigration Centre plans denied

The City of Puerto del Rosario has denied building permits to the Ministry of the Interior for the expansion of the immigrant detention center, located in the area of El Matorral.
The Board agreed to reject the above application submitted on January 28, as the project submitted was not in accordance with urban planning in the area, "which provides for military use and not a immigration center," say sources in Puerto del Rosario.

Swedish tourism encouraged

The councillor for Tourism in Antigua, Dolores González García, said that during the International Tourism Fair in Gothenburg (Sweden), representatives of the area have called on the four largest tour operators in Scandinavian countries "to learn first hand the wide range of services available in Antigua."

Water thieves charged

The Water Supply Consortium to Fuerteventura (CAAF) has identified two new cases of illegal connection to its water supply, this time in Valle de Santa Ines and Triquivijate. In both cases it had not approved the connection to the water supply, which enabled the individuals to obtain free water. The CAAF took to court both of  these people for the theft of water.

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