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This news is translated from the Spanish Press unless otherwise indicated.

Bank Robber arrested

Local police arrested a man of 34 as the alleged robber of a bank. He was armed with a large knife. Apparently, according to the police, the detainee went into the establishment with the knife, then threatened the cashier and got away just over €2000. He subsequently fled while being pursued by a bank employee, who failed to catch him. The officers questioned locals and established a search of the area with several radio-patrols. After combing the area they narrowed their search to a building in Calle Pizarro. The local police entered several homes, with the permission of their residents, with them helping to locate the robber who was trying to hide. The Civil Guard, with local police officers finally managed to arrest the individual.

Regiment celebrates its 500th anniversary

The Light Infantry Regiment Soria 9,based in Puerto del Rosario since 1996, is celebrating 500 years of military history. The occasion of the military celebration has become a comprehensive program of events that will take place in the cities of Seville, Toledo, Soria, and Puerto del Rosario, all with the special significance that the regiment is considered the oldest in Europe. The regiment was created in 1509 by King Ferdinand V. During the seventeenth century the troops fought in Flanders, France and West German. In the eighteenth century the Regiment took part in the War of Succession in Flanders, and later moved to Spain to fight Portugal against their invasion. In 1711 they left the garrison in Soria, where they get their name. For the performance in the War of Spanish Succession and in the campaigns of Flanders, King Philip V gave them the right to wear a uniform. In the nineteenth century they took part in the War of Independence, War of Africa, Soviet War and the War in Cuba. Soria Regiment participated in the twentieth century in the African campaign with a battalion deployed in the areas of Larache and the Guerra Civil. The military group based in Fuerteventura has 500 soldiers, who are also involved in peace operations.

Fuerteventura needs new ways of promoting itself

A delegate for Europe, of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), Eduardo Fayos, said yesterday that Fuerteventura needs added facilities associated with culture, nature and science as a way to react to the crisis and plan a stable future in the industry. The tourist board are used to promoting the beaches, good weather and some cultural elements. He said "We must begin to highlight other elements such as culture, science and the protection of environmental quality. Astronomy plays an important role as it build bridges between science and protection of the earth.

Education Council set up

After the meeting between the president of the Town hall, Mario Cabrera, and the president of the Scholastic Council of the Canary Islands, Orlando Suárez, Fuerteventura will be the first Canary island to start up an Educational Council. During the meeting, Mario Cabrero, reiterated the commitment of the Town hall by insisting that city councils work within the framework to undergo the municipal educational advice of the Educational Council that they presented to the local administrations in October.

New tourism deals signed for Fuertventura

The president of the Cabildo of Fuerteventura, Mario Cabrera, and the counsellor of the Islands Tourism Agueda Montelongo, signed three cooperation agreements with tour operators Responsitravel, Travelplan and Schauinsland at the tourist fair in Madrid. The Tourist Board of Fuerteventura continues a busy schedule of meetings for the promotion of the island and strengthening relationships with representatives of major agencies, tour operators and airlines operating on the island. The embassy also met with representatives from the Spanish Office of Irish Tourism, the Irish national carrier Aer Lingus and representatives of travel agencies. Councillor of Tourism, Agueda Montelongo, valued these meetings as "very positive because it allows us to learn first hand the situation of the various companies, which handle customers for the future, and find out their intentions in this difficult year."

Eco conference held in Costa Calma

Experts will participate, on the 10th and 11th of March in the fight against pollution and protection of the world, at the international seminar on Starlight Reserves and World Heritage. Members from UNESCO and the WHC along with representatives of Slovenia, Algeria, Italy, France, Canada, Belgium and United Kingdom, among others will attend the meeting in Costa Calma. The Minister of the Environment welcomed holding this event on Fuerteventura.

Fuerteventura to Las Palmas ferry cancelled for a month

The advisor of Transport and Communication of Fuerteventura, Pedro González, has had telephone conversations with people in charge of the Armas, after the company cancelled the ship between Las Palmas on Gran Canaria to Puerto del Rosario. This route brought merchandise to numerous companies on the island daily. The reason for the cancellation, according to the company, comes because of the obligation that the ship remain dry docked for a month for its routine technical inspection.

Pajara receives record tourist numbers

The municipality of Pájara has come fourth for the amount of tourists visiting during the month of January. Only Madrid, Barcelona and Benidorm achieved higher figures according to official data. Pájara surpassed destinations like Palma de Mallorca, Torremolinos, Seville, Granada, and Valencia.

Woman hurt in car accident

A woman of 40 years old was injured when rolling the vehicle in which she travelled in the south of Fuerteventura. The woman, was taken by ambulance to the General Hospital of Fuerteventura but was not seriously injured just traumatised. The accident happened at 06.30am on the FV-2, going towards Morro Jable, in the municipality of Pájara.

Child assaulted in local park

A nine year old in Puerto Rosario was sexually assaulted in a children's park that she walked through every day to get home. She was then offered 5 Euros which she refused. Other children have also been approached. The Policia Local increased patrols around the park which is one of most central and popular parks in the capital of Fuerteventura. They are looking for a man of about 70 years, of white race and brown skin, with short grey hair. 

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