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This news is translated from the Spanish Press unless otherwise indicated.

Holidaymaker missing, believed drowned

The search continues for the body of a woman who disappeared while swimming with her husband in Lanzarote. Rescuers say the search has been extended to include the northern coastline of Fuerteventura. The woman disappeared on Monday, at 6.30pm, while her husband was being rescued by the emergency services. Her husband explained that he was standing next to his wife when a huge surge dragged her out to sea. He dived in after her but had to be rescued himself after getting into difficulties.

The PSC plea for ecnomic control

The Canary Socialist Party (PSC) has asked the Town hall of Fuerteventura to try and control the island economy. By helping to support families and business activity, as both being high-priority objectives for 2009. The Town hall must contribute to help against the economic crisis, by committing itself with the creation of business and the protection of the most affected and vulnerable people on the Island.

Electricity prices controlled by anti discrimination law

The Government guarantees nondiscrimination of the Canary Islands in electricity prices.
They agree that it will not be necessary to adopt any additional measures in relation to the electricity prices to the Canaries where the electrical production is more expensive. The legislation says that when the costs overrun the electricity supplies of the mainland they will be integrated as costs.

Hotel Construction licenses revoked

The Town hall of Fuerteventura declared it has revoked the licenses for the construction of 55,000 rooms in new hotels on the island. The original licenses were granted in 2005, but the new government has decided the hotels are not complementary to the environment or compatible with the tourist market. The Town hall is trying to prevent the classification of more of land for tourist buildings, because it considers that at the moment there is enough accommodation to supply the tourist market with quality conditions.

Murder Trial Starts

After the murder of little Yunay, just six months old, in El Charco, in Puerto del Rosario, the trial against his mother, Inmaculada VG, and her partner, Yeray GP, gets under way in the Provincial Court in Las Palmas. The prosecution is asking for 18 years imprisonment for each of them, and also a ban on seeing or contacting his sister for 20 years. A restraining order of not being allowed within 500 meters of his sister is also requested for 20 years. Many people do not believe the version of the facts given by the defendants. The hypothesis of an accident is seen as made up avoid jail. The accused brother has admitted that he dropped the baby during a hiccupping attack. However, the child did have bite marks made by an adult and seemed to have been shaken over the months said an expert. Few believe that the baby fell to the ground by accident, considering they avoided taking the baby to hospital. Now the couple has been released pending further enquiries.

Corralejo's lay preacher hurt in car accident

Penny Melville, the lay preacher for the Anglican Church of St. James, was injured in a car accident on Saturday night. She was returnuing from the airport after picking up some friends, when a car coming in the other direction hit her vehicle. Apparently the couple in the oncoming car were arguing about how fast the man was driving. The woman pulled on the handbrake to slow him down causing the car to skid across the road in front of Penny's. Six police cars and two fire engine attended the accident and it took the fire crew more than two hours to free all the people from the wreckage. Penny is suffering from a broken rib and foot and her husband, Mike, also has a broken foot and extensive bruising. Their friends also suffered injuries and all four were taken to the hospital together with the occupants of the other vehicle.

Fuerteventura a winning destination for models

Organisers of the Kells Modelling Competition are beginning the search for the face of 2009. The first makeovers of the year are taking place at Kells Studio, ahead of the first round in February. One of last year’s winners, Georgia Andrews, will be on hand to offer hints and advice. All of the finalists will star in the grand final in June. The winners’ seven day trip abroad starts on September 30. This year the competition will be split into two categories – under 18 and over 18. All finalists will take part in a themed photo-shoot bringing a carnival atmosphere to the competition. They will be given a goodie bag of props to design a Latin American outfit. Their creative talents will be judged along with their catwalk strut, adding to the intense competition. Only 40 people will make it to the final to compete for an all-inclusive trip to Fuerteventura in September.

Taxi drivers protest hits airport services

On Wednesday, taxi drivers serving the airport in Fuerteventura left the airport in protest at the new location for parking that has been established, where they must wait until occupied and which is causing a backlog of vehicles at the exit area. The drivers immediately complained of the situation to the Association of Taxi drivers in Puerto del Rosario, and at 8.40am the taxi drivers were ordered to leave the airport, despite the arrival time of aircraft. For two hours Fuerteventura International Airport remained without a taxi service. The chairman of the taxi drivers in the capital, Joseph Martin, said that the problem is now solved.

New Sanitary Services manager appointed

Cabal Jaime Serrano a doctor specialising in anesthesiology and resuscitation, has been appointed the new manager of Sanitary Services in Fuerteventura. After the resignation of the old manager who had numerous complaints from the doctors of the Emergency Sevices, made several changes to the personnel at the General Hospital and at the infirmary caused the resignation of the director and 23 supervisors. As of Wednesday, 21st January, the new manager starts his new post, directing and coordinating the operation in the emergency services and the General Hospital of Fuerteventura, which gives medical assistance to more than 92,000 people.

Pro Franco street names to go

The City council of La Oliva has started the elimination of street names of pro-Franco people in Corralejo and La Oliva, informed the mayoress, Rose Fernandez, in an official notice. The City council will be in charge of informing these changes to the different organizations and group that are affected by these changes, like the Post Office, the Water Board etc, to guarantee no disruption to the postal service.

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