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This news is translated from the Spanish Press unless otherwise indicated.

Canary Islands Consul moves to Andalucia

The British Ambassador, Denise Holt CMG, is pleased to announce the appointment of the new British Consul for Malaga, Stephen Jones, who will replace Consul Bruce McIntyre who retired earlier this month after many years of exemplary service. Stephen Jones has successfully led the consular operation in the Canary Islands for the past two years.

He was appointed British Consul for the Canary Islands in January 2007, where he has made a significant contribution to modernising the services provided by the offices in Gran Canaria and Tenerife. For a brief period of time, Mr Jones also temporarily managed the consular team in Portimao in southern Portugal. Previously, the new consul had a successful career with Thomas Cook’s Holiday Division, where he was regional manager in Fuerteventura, responsible for an operation dealing with 90,000 holidaymakers every year. Stephen Jones will take up his new position after the appointment of a new consul for the Canary Islands to guarantee a smooth transition period and maintain the high quality services provided by the offices in the Canary Islands. The ambassador said: “I am delighted to announce the appointment of Stephen Jones as our new consul in Malaga. Stephen’s appointment is a new step in the ongoing process to modernise and harmonise the services we provide for British nationals in the Iberian Peninsula. I am sure that our customers in Andalucia will benefit from his experience and customer-focused approach.” The British consular operation in Spain is the largest in the world. An average of 17 million Britons visit Spain every year, more than three million of whom choose Andalucia as their main destination. The British population in Spain is estimated at one million, which includes temporary residents. More than half-a-million of these long-term and temporary residents live in Andalucia.

New Year cancelled in Corralejo

The economic crisis hit New Years celebrations in the north of Fuerteventura. Traditionally New Year has been a big reason to celebrate in Corralejo. Bands would play in the main square whilst free grapes and cava were handed out in excited preparation for the witching hour. The countdown with many a stuffed cheek complaining about the grape seeds, was followed by a leisurely amble down to the beach to watch and marvel at the fireworks. This year however, the story was very different. The bands in the square were cancelled and replaced by a DJ who finally managed to wish Happy New Year six minutes late. No grapes, no cava, no fireworks.  In their, perhaps short sighted, wisdom, the ayuntamiento cancelled New Year. Lets hope that the tourists who were here this year were not so disappointed that we have even less tourist, and therefore less funds, next year.

New public works approved

The Ministry of Public Administrations (MAP) has so far approved projects in the municipalities of Puerto del Rosario, Antigua and La Oliva funded by the Local State Investment Fund. La Oliva has been authorized to implement projects of restoration of the historic center of Corralejo, restoration and operation of the municipal swimming pool in La Oliva, and updating the Pensioners Center in Corralejo. The projects approved for Antigua improve lighting, upkeep of paths in El Castillo and the remodelling of Antigua's town square. The works approved in Puerto del Rosario expansion of the  Zurita cemetery,  the upkeep of The Cultural Center at El Matorral and sanitation and drainage in  the street Primero de Mayo.

Food parcels handed out in Puerto del Rosario

No employment and with mortgages to pay has led many people to flock to the door of Cáritas. Every month more than 200 families they go there to look for food packages. They are distributed every Wednesday and Thursday evenings. Seven volunteers arrive to hand out what is available. They fill bags with nonperishable foods such as flour, milk, sugar, vegetables and cans.

New ferry routes announced

The Grand Pier, in the municipality of Tuineje, will from next Monday, have two new direct weekly Armas ships to Puerto de La Luz and Las Palmas on Gran Canaria. These routes have been introduced due to the demand from passengers and increased cargo.

White Storks winter in Fuerteventura

A flock of 32 white storks has decided to spend the winter in Fuerteventura, near the landfill site of Puerto del Rosario. The white stork is rarely seen in the Canary Islands, occasionally one or two will land between February and July, but not to stay. The flock has been here at least one month, and taking advantage of food from the garbage.

Prostitution disappears from the streets of Fuerteventura

A study by the Cabildo of Fuerteventura, whose conclusions have been ratified by the local police, confirms the disappearance year of street prostitution on the island, an activity that was habitual in 2007.

A psychologist, social worker and an administrative assistant developed the project “Prevention and Health for Prostitution in Fuerteventura”, promoted by the Council of Social Subjects.  One of the main actions of the work program was a guide to public health resources in the Canary Islands that was distributed in appropriate premises. Many of the prostitutes travel around the islands to practice their trade.  

On the Island of Fuerteventura 19 premises and clubs exist  where at least 130 women practice prostitution. Four at the moment are closed.

Six of them are located in La Oliva, five in Pájara, four in Puerto del Rosario one in each of the Tuineje and Antigua municipalities.

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