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This news is translated from the Spanish Press unless otherwise indicated.

Three new routes at Belfast International Airport

EasyJet is to introduce flights on three new routes from Belfast International Airport, starting in October.

Man dies in windsurfing accident on the Island

A 35-year-old Polish man has died after drowning in Fuerteventura.

Ryanair entertainment.

The reputation of a creative nature was received by the airline Ryanair. Many were surprised by the unexpected karaoke on speakerphone

TUI Investment

TUI Magic Life, TUI Group’s all-inclusive club brand is setting a clear focus on growth and quality. The TUI Magic Life Club Fuerteventura has now made comprehensive investments

Ryanair Strike

Around 100 Ryanair pilots from the airline’s Dublin base have announced a strike for Thursday July 12, to last for 24 hours, and cabin crew from elsewhere around Europe are threatening to do the same.

Taxis for the disabled

The Government of Fuerteventura this week announced it will allocate 50,000 euros for subsidies to acquire, adapt or improve taxis to improve the transport offered to people with reduced mobility or disability across the island.

Another Blockbuster to be filmed in the Island.

The producer of the forthcoming film ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ this week confirmed on Twitter that filming will soon begin in Fuerteventura in Pajara.

Young people’s leisure.

This week saw the third Youth Week of Puerto del Rosario, which held a host of activities that focused on sports, leisure and music.

False parking documents

Officials are urging people who are using false mobility parking badges to think carefully about their actions and the effect it has on those who really are disabled.

Children involved in robberies.

 Seven young people, including five children, were arrested this week for stealing from the same house twice in Tuineje in Fuerteventura, and who later shared the 20,000 euros in cash that they took.

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