Buying a Property Abroad

Peoples dream of owning a property abroad has become far easier to achieve than most people realize, with a stable European environment, common currencies, more and easier flight availability.

However for the prospective buyer it still can be a very daunting indeed, due to factors of lack of understanding of the laws and regulations in a foreign country which are often very different than those we are used to at home. So it is vitally important that you ensure you have the most professional assistance available to ensure that you achieve you dream safely. You would always have all the legal checks and searches done back home and it is even more important when abroad as things are that much more difficult to rectify from a distance.

The Canary Islands is a fabulous place for both those that want to become full time residents or for just the occasional visitor to the Islands, of course the Canary Islands are becoming an ever increasing choice for those that want to own a holiday home or even move for a better way of life and of course those that want to retire to the sun to enjoy a hard earned rest after many years of toil. The temperature and all year round sunshine make the Canary Islands the perfect choice for many Europeans for their property purchase because we are part of Europe from a comfort point of view, but far enough removed from mainland Europe to enjoy the subtropical climate of Africa.

However when buying in a Foreign country caution should always be exercised, customs and procedures are very different from those at home
Advice to all prospective purchasers is be cautious & always ensure that you take specialist professional advice, after all you would not buy a house at home in the pub from a total stranger would you? 

The information contained within Fuertenews is not designed to replace sound legal and fiscal representation and whilst every effort has been made to ensure that all the information was correct at the time of going to press , laws, taxes and regulations change and therefore Fuertenews cannot accept any responsibility for any loss or damage caused by actions taken or not as a result of reading this guide.

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