Buying a Property Abroad

Buying property Off Plan for selling before completion is an excellent form of Investment which can show substantial returns on your capital invested, but like all forms of investment that offer higher than normal returns there are always risks attached.

What are the potential Financial Benefits?
As an investor and using a rough rule of thumb for the right development, you should see conservatively on average between 15%-20% total capital growth, which relates to some 50% return on capital invested because in general you are only investing approximately 30% - 50% of the purchase price.

The other point you must factor in is things such as selling fees & tax liabilities etc which will all have an effect on your final return.

Timescales - How long should you have your money invested?
On average and because you are buying at the first price release you should expect to have you money invested for anything between two  & four years.

The above information is only a guide and any examples given are only for illustration purposes and must never be taken as a guarantee.

The Cautionary Tail
Like all investment opportunities, if you cannot afford to tie up your capital for a minimum of two years, DO NOT DO IT.
With all high return investments there is always an element of risk, please ensure you have your eyes wide open.

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